Olympia Garten Restaurant – Rebranding & Corporate Design for a Restaurant

Olympia Garten is a traditional Greek restaurant from Nuremberg.
It has more 25 years of existence and offers a wide array of dishes from the Northern part of Greece, the Pella Region – the birth place of Alexander the Great.
I was very inspired by the background story of the owner’s origin. The Greek gastronomy has strong ancient roots and a very diverse palette of ingredients, even though many of us know just a few  items like olives, olive oil, oregano and mint.
The rebrandingproject was very complex.
My work consisted in:
– developing and creating a new logotype
– the corporate design with the menu design as center piece.
1. establishing the color palette of the  corporate design
2. creating the key visual elements: illustrations, custom-made ornaments and patterns
3. creating the corporate design package: the stationery – business cards & letterhead, the menu , a promotional flyer/brochure of the restaurant and the anniversary poster.





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