F&H Immobilien – Branding & Corporate Design for a real estate firm

F&H Immobilien approached Narcissus Ilustrius to create a bold visual identity and a suitable corporate design package.
A small real estate firm established in Schwabach , F&H Immobilien activates in the area of it’s headquarters but also in the greater metropolitan area of Nürnberg.
The inspiration for the visual identity came from the idea that a good real estate firm unlocks opportunity doors (and also doors, literally) for it’s clients to find a suitable home for renting or even for ownership, therefore the logo was a conceived as a strong visual metaphor. The two initials of the the firm’s partners were morphed into an abstract door key, into a compact, strong brand mark signaling trust, stability and professionalism. The morphology of the logo unveils itself through the whole corporate design package: the letterhead, the business cards and the envelopes.








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