DB Design in Stein – Branding & Corporate Design for a masonry firm

Daniel Boicu Design in Stein is a newly established firm from Nuremberg in the field of stone work, rock gardening, interior/exterior stone design and renovation.
I had the opportunity of being involved from start to finish in the creative process.
At it’s core DB Design in Stein is a masonry firm. Through the research process, I came to the conclusion that nothing could encompass more this concept, than an evocative compact logo with structural elements hinting to the company’s object of activity, therefore I decided to craft a monogram with the owner’s initials, in which two chisels were subtly integrated.
An important element of the corporate design is a dynamic pattern of natural stone-colored pieces which not only decorates all the stationery items but also is a visual anchor for the car wrap design.
All the key visual elements for the firm’s corporate identity were designed by Narcissus Ilustrius:  the brand mark, the stationery,  the graphic scheme for the company trucks and for the work gear/clothing.




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