Hello dear visitors!

I’m Narcis Lupou: a graphic designer with obsessive interests in branding, packaging, food and gastronomy. For nearly 7 years I’ve lived in the city of Albrecht Dürer and Johann Pachelbel: Nürnberg,  I’ve started my career 9 years ago, as an album cover designer in Timisoara, a very old town (the 12th Century is waaay way back) located in the Western part of Romania, a city with a strong Austro-Hungarian heritage.

Since 2010 I’ve lived and worked abroad. In the summer of 2017, I’ve moved on the shores of the Rhine, in one of Germany’s most stunning cities, Düsseldorf.

What I love doing most is creating unique, timeless, expressive logos and developing complete branding systems for various entities. Sometimes my approach on logo design can be minimalist, depending on the brief, but most of the time, I am looking for projects involving a very high dose of sophistication, intricacy, uniqueness and beauty. I have strong skills and experience in logo design, illustration for logos and icons, corporate design and print design.

I can deliver not only a logo for your business,  I’m more than willing to contribute with my knowledge and skills in building a complete branding system and a harmonious corporate design. I am interested in your company’s goals, in knowing and achieving your goals and I can create a durable and unique visual experience for your business.

Every received brief offers me inspiration. The chance of translating your vision through my creative interpretation into reality, motivates me. Every brand or business has a background story, which I am eager to hear, to discover. What’s your brand’s story, it’s background?

Whether it is a start-up company, an existing business/brand, an institution or an organization I can create and deliver a suitable, valuable image. What I am offering you is the chance to build a solid and distinctive image for your business/for your idea. If you think my expertise can be helpful to your vision and to your ideas, I’m more than glad to be a part of your project.

My expertise:

– Branding
– Logo Design
– Corporate Design
– Illustration
– Package Design
– Print Design

I stand for unique visual solutions and concepts with substance and depth.
Thank you for visiting my website and do not hesitate t-o get in touch!



Hallo liebe Besucher!

Ich bin Narcis Lupou: Designer und Illustrator, ansässig in Düsseldorf, mit obsessiven Interessen für Markenentwicklung, Verpackung, Lebensmitteln und Gastronomie.

Mit meiner Leidenschaft für Illustration und Markenentwicklung , möchte ich Marken und Unternehmen helfen, ein wertvolles und einzigartiges Image zu erreichen.
Ich kann nicht nur ein Logo liefern, ich kann auch ein vollständiges Branding-System und ein harmonisches Corporate Design für Ihr Geschäft, aufbauen.

Meine Expertise:
– Markenentwicklung
– Logoentwicklung
– Corporate Design
– Illustration
– Verpackungsdesign
– Print Design

Ich freue mich auf eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit.