Manifesto typographic poster

It seems all over the world, mass protests are in full swing: Chile, Ecuador, Lebanon and Irak. This coincides with the general/presidential elections held also in many countries all over the world. The hunting season is also …officially open. Besides that,  the presidential elections are due to take place in Romania, in less than two weeks. The perfect time to see a grotesque spectacle of high class demagogy, populism, the art of bullshitting taken to superhuman (or inhuman) new boundaries. And just like 5 years ago, voting won’t fix anything, again. Caragiale’s classic timeless question still remains “-Nu sunt turmentat, dar eu… Eu pentru cine votez?” (“I’m not drunk…but for whom shall I vote?”)

So pass me the popcorn…and a print copy of this poster I made – a manifesto poster embodying a famous Romanian old saying “Las-o jos că măcăne !” (In translation – “put the duck down because is quacking a lot” ) .
A typographic poster…mostly.



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