The 1st of December – a sacred day

Today,  the 1st of December, is Romania’s National Day: we, Romanians, celebrate 99 years since the Great Union was made, at the end of World War I, when Transylvania was united with the Kingdom of Romania. Considering the geopolitical context of today, when the common phenomenon is “Divide et Impera” and many nations and countries are on the verge of division and extinction, are divided and even destroyed, I definitely cherish this event as being even more precious.

Even if today, more than 2 million fellow citizens live abroad (including myself), even if those living inside the borders of Romania, are more divided in mentality and beleifs, than ever before, and hatred creeps in, more and more, due to outside and inside, occult manipulations (made by puppet masters and bizarre political/financial characters, but also by hidden continental and trans-continental power games) makes me to consider the immense preciousness  of The Great Union from 1918. For me, this event must’ve had then, the same impact which the German Reunification had for the Germans, in 1989, at the end of the Cold War,

And finally,  considering the geopolitical times of that era, I find this historical moment, even more miraculous, the Union of the three lands into one single strong state. This is what I’m celebrating today!

So: “La multi ani România.!”

This is my visual tribute for this very important historical moment: a poster and a banner.













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