A liquor brand from the far lands of Siberia

I found this Russian liquor brand on the shelves of a German supermarket, yesterday. I was amazed by the quality of the packaging design . Bold vintage typography, well-crafted graphic details and an overall look which reminds me more of a bourbon bottle. This products is a Siberian bitter (as stated in the brand name “Sibbitter” and of course, all-over the dark bottle label) distilled/crafted and bottled in the Siberian taiga. A seductive description for me, since I never seen a product coming from such reclusive, distant lands. I’m familiar only with Beluga Vodka, and a few brands of Russian Caviar, when it comes to high-end Russian products, but this one, is also a very pleasant surprise. I guess it’s a pretty new product on the German market. The novelty of the product and the neat package design captured my attention, nevertheless .