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Why is Vienna is a very dangerous place?

Vienna is a dangerous place folks!
This city might hit you with an unbearable overdose of culture or at least you might get extremely high blood sugar levels from the never-ending list of Austrian Confectionery delights you’ll find there… or you might have a stroke, when you’ll see the charge bill for two cups of coffee and two strudels in one those fancy coffee houses. The biggest threat, in my opinion is getting lost into the Naschmarkt: Vienna’s famous market – 2,3 ha of food porn and over 150 vendors selling delicacies ranging from spices and oriental sweet pastry, to Eastern-European delicacies, pickles and traditional Austrian charcuterie, wine and cheeses. This is the place to get lost into the realm of all senses.
Certainly, you’ll loose the notion of time while strolling through it’s aisles and your attention will be distracted from one savory good smokey thing, to another sweet stuff covered in honey and nuts in a never-ending roller-coaster of childish excitement.

Take a peek at what’s in there.

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