Autumn start in my favorite place

Since early childhood, I had the privilege of having a big garden in my backyard. Filled with aromatic herbs, flowers, with an old fruitful grape vine, but also with more than 30 types of vegetables: from carrots, potatoes and leeks to aubergines, chilli peppers and more than 5 types of tomatoes, it is paradise on Earth.

My parents kept this tradition of cultivating their own produce on their own land. I’ve been accustomed to this annual ritual, but just during the last 10 years I began to develop a fascination towards gardening. As a gourmand/amateur cook, I consider this garden a blessing. Having my own source of fresh food for more than half a year, is a fantastic thing. On top of that, having the possibility of using all these vegetables in making preserved foods, delicious pantry ingredients, during the cold winter months, is another exciting fact, for me personally. My childhood playground has become my own Zen Paradise and a place for future experimentation. 

Now, as the summer has gone and autumn sets in slowly, nature unveils it’s ripe splendour in every corner of my garden.  

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