Logos: a matter of black and white

Fruity colors, vivid gradients, buckets of neon “goo”, quirky colorful swirls, rainbows, glitters and other firecrackers might work in designing your firm’s logo…if your company is a Kindergarten or a… Circus.

If your business or your institution-organization has serious intentions, you as a business owner, manager or Team Head, need to make sure your logo looks good …naked. I’m not an exhibitionist, neither a nudist, not even a minimalist, but one thing is certain – the single rule of thumb applicable to every logo, sign or symbol ever created in the visual history of mankind: your logo needs to look flawless in it’s purest form. Your logo needs to be visible, sharp and crisp, black on white and also needs to stands out alone into the dark, without any other enhancement. Yes, that’s it. It is the human perception reduced at it’s core essentials and the perfect representation of  duality: the light and the darkness. It is the philosophy and the chemistry of your brand’s symbol laid in one single concept. The construction of a brand mark, sign, logo, however you want to call it, is vital in delivering your company’s message, it is the heart of your brand’s visual manifestation into the world . Nevertheless, color has a huge importance. Color ads more significance, substance and more depth, shifts perception, but shape is crucial.
If the foundation is crooked, if the visual structure of a brand mark, some of the composing elements or it’s morphology as a whole, presents nasty imperfections, no color or nuance on this Earth can make it look fabulous.

“Let there be light…”



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