Narcissus Ilustrius creates visual identity for Youtube personality Scott Rea

I am very proud of a fruitful collaboration with a master butcher and ‪Youtube‬ personality Scott Rea.

Being a gourmand and often an amateur cook, a consistent part of my curiosity revolves around gastronomy, food, cooking, ingredients, quality products, packaging and brands. Thus, as much as i can, I try to bring my professional skills into the fascinating world of food, a long-term muse for me. I admire people with passion and dedication for their profession, people who radiate enthusiasm towards their beloved profession. One such person is Scott Rea, a master butcher from England which became during the last four years, a genuine phenomenon on Youtube. Since 2012 he gathered more than 17million views on his Youtube Channel. Weekly, he broadcasts insightful videos, complex tutorials on how to butcher, prepare and cook meat, traditional tips and secrets from the art of the butchery: TheScottReaProject. ‪Soon I’ll update my portfolio with the whole SRP branding project. Until now, the project included: visual identity, logo design, illustration, promotional banners and posters for his social media channels but also for print and a brand new animated video intro.

The ScottReaProject poster by Narcissus Ilustrius

The ScottReaProject poster by Narcissus Ilustrius


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