Inspiration trip to Vienna part 1: God is in the details

At the end of 2015 I took some time off from work and for almost a week I managed to take a trip to Europe’s most beautiful city.

Vienna is synonymous to art, culture, to monumental architecture and nevertheless it is the epitome in classical music, but unlike other big cities,  it is a place where you can enjoy life at a slow pace, in it’s renowned coffee houses.  This is the city were leisure is and art form itself. Vienna has a special place in my heart because whenever I’m there, I feel like home. Timisoara, my hometown, has a rich Austro-Hungarian background/history and many of its buildings were designed by viennesse architects. Being a graphic designer with a keen eye for details, I was exhilarated to have the chance of strolling the streets of  Vienna and observe all the lavish buildings, the ornamental pediments, imperial crests, patterns, bas reliefs, the old typographic samples embedded into the façades. Also, many of the modern creations like the street signage, posters or various urban sights and logos, carry good taste, coherence and visual engagement.

Being overwhelmed by the grandeur of Vienna’s buildings is a natural symptom for everyone I guess, but if you start to observe the little details of each building you’ll came to the conclusion of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe that: “God is in the details”.

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Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_2 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_3 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_4 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_5 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_6 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_6 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_7 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_8 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_9 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_10 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_11 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_12 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_13 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_14 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_15 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_16 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_17 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_18 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_19 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_20 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_21 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_22 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_23 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_24 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_25 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_26 Vienna_photoreportage-by_narcis_lupou_26